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Highline Community College Human Resources: Training and Development

Training and Development

A core value at Highline, the opportunities for advancing oneself through further education are abounding. To display the level of its importance, developing staff is embedded within the College's strategic plan, namely, initiative four - "continue to foster a college climate that nourishes the well being and productivity of the college community".

Through various modes, quality instruction is available throughout the campus to address a multitude of needs and desires. A high level of support exists from management, peers, faculty and administration.


We help Highline College manage change and ensure continuous quality improvement through designing, developing, presenting and evaluating orientation, learning, mentoring, and training programs and processes for all staff.


The mission of training and development in the Office of Human Resources is to provide high quality services to meet our customers' needs. We facilitate professional and personal excellence, enhance organizational effectiveness, and contribute to the current and future success of Highline College in support of its strategic initiatives.

Guiding Principles:

Guiding Principles provide the context in which we accomplish our work.

  1. Our actions support Highline College strategic plan and workforce challenges.
  2. We serve the Highline College workforce. We take direction from Highline College Executive Staff which is responsible for establishing strategic direction for the college. We provide services to employees that enhance their capacity to respond to organizational needs.
  3. We create development opportunities with college and community partners and to increase our capabilities and performance.

Strategic Goals of Training and Development:

  1. Ensure all employees are grounded in the history, mission and commitment to diversity of Highline College and understand their individual contributions to our overall success and fulfillment of HC strategic initiatives.
  2. Develop a more flexible and capable training and development function that is responsive to Highline College leadership and strategic goals.
  3. Build a competency-based, integrated system for managing employee performance.
  4. Develop an agile workforce that is capable of responding to changing organizational and personal needs.
  5. Develop and implement a measurement system to monitor the effectiveness of the training and development program along with providing guidance for continuous improvement.

There are a number of programs available to specific staff groups that provide the means for training and development. Check them out!

Responsible person for training and development policies and plans:

Executive Director of Human Resources
MS 99-200, P.O. Box 98000 Des Moines, WA 98198-9800
(206) 592-3320