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Training and Development: Exempt/Professional employee evaluation

The Exempt and Administrative Performance Appraisal System (EAPAS)

The EAPAS evaluation cycle spans a three-year period, mirroring the college's highly successful post-tenure review process for faculty. This timeframe provides opportunity for more substantive development initiatives and ensures that the process is sustainable within employee workloads. 

Program Goals

  • Provide a tool for performance improvement at the unit level.
  • Establish a process for institutionalizing individual professional development.
  • Strengthen the quality of communication between supervisors and employees.  (See roles.)
  • Develop campus connections around services provided.

The process occurs in four phases:

  • Job Description and Goals: the start of the process, in which employees and supervisors clarify the position and the goals for the employee.
  • Development Initiatives: the employee and supervisor define professional and organizational development goals for themselves and their area.
  • Mid-term Review: an 18 month checkup, to assess progress toward goals and development initiatives, and to include changes in the work environment or job needs.
  • Full Evaluation: a complete evaluation of the employee's performance on the job, goals, and development initiatives, followed by establishing an updated job description, goals, and initiatives.

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Exempt/Professional EAPAS forms

The EAPAS Timeline

Time Activity
12 months after hire (or for current employees, during the EAPAS introductory period)

Initiate EAPAS: Update Job Description and determine Development Initiatives
18 months after starting EAPAS Mid-term Review: conduct brief self and supervisor assessment and note any significant changes to Job Description and Development Initiatives

36 months after starting EAPAS Full Evaluation: Conduct a comprehensive self and supervisor assessment, update Job Description, and set new Development Initiatives


If interested, read the development history of this evaluation system.