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Training and Development: Classified employee evaluation

Performance and Development Plan (PDP)

The first six months of employment for classified staff is a probationary period.  (For employees with a 12 month probationary period, supervisors need to complete an evaluation by the end of their sixth month of employment, and again by the end of their probation.)

Supervisors will meet with employees at the start of their review period (within the first week or two) to discuss performance expectations.   Employees will receive copies of their performance expectations as well as notifications of any modifications made during the review period.  

To ensure employees achieve a successful probation, they need to be given at least one written evaluation by the end of their fourth month of employment.

Should supervisors observe unsatisfactory work, employees need to be notified in writing of the area(s) in which their work is deficient.  Unless the deficiency is extreme, they need to be given ample opportunity to demonstrate satisfactory improvement.  

For more information on the PDP process, please review the PDP Users Guide.  Should you have questions, contact Human Resources.

Classified Employees - PDP Forms