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Highline College Human Resources: Part-Time Faculty Staffing


Staffing Process - Part-time Faculty


This section describes the process that is followed to create and advertise a new position and hire a new employee for a part-time faculty position.

The steps below outline the request process that takes place before beginning to recruit for a new position:

  1. The academic department identifies needed position(s) in consultation with the appropriate division chair.
  2. Once the job description and budget implications are set, the requesting authority routes a completed, signed Part-Time Faculty Requisition form to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for signature.
  3. After it is signed, the Part-Time Faculty Requisition form with the vice-president’s signature is returned to Human Resources.  Human Resources will then create the position description, based on the information supplied on the requisition form, and advertise the position in area newspapers, as well as on the HCC web page and campus email.
  4. As applications are submitted to Human Resources, one copy will be sent to the department coordinator, while the original will be kept on file in the Human Resources office for reference, and for possible future openings.
  5. The department coordinator will contact and interview any applicants s/he is interested in hiring.   Once the successful candidate(s) has been hired, the coordinator will, if possible, bring the candidate to the Human Resources department to fill out payroll forms.  The Human Resources office will then send letters to the rest of the candidate pool to let them know the results of the recruitment process.
  6. Any resumes and/or applications for possible part-time faculty positions will be copied and sent to the appropriate coordinator, even if a formal recruitment has not been established, because of the fluctuating nature of departmental needs for staffing classes each quarter.  The originals will be kept on file in Human Resources for two years, and those files may be consulted by department coordinators at any time.