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Highline College Human Resources: Staffing


Staffing Process - Non-teaching Positions


This section describes the process that is followed to create a new position and hire a new employee for an classified or exempt position.

The steps below outline the Staffing Request process that takes place before beginning to recruit for a new position:

  1. The organizational unit identifies needed position(s) in consultation with the appropriate Vice President(s).
  2. The department or organizational unit works with Human Resources to perform a job analysis to identify work activities, competencies and essential functions of the position. From that analysis, a written position description reflecting basic duties and responsibilities of the position will be created.
  3. Human Resources assists the requesting unit in determining the appropriate title and salary, and reviews the classification to determine that the position is in compliance with State and Federal laws regarding exempt, classified, or hourly status as appropriate. Once a salary or hourly rate is determined, the department or organizational unit reviews applicable budgetary implications including salary, benefits, travel, supplies, and equipment/office needs.
  4. Once the job description and budget implications are set, the requesting authority routes a completed, signed Staffing Request along with the job description to the following areas for signature:
    • Appointing Authority - to confirm that the position meets unit goals;
    • Human Resources - to determine what recruitment activities are appropriate to meet Highline's Affirmative Action plan;
    • Budget Office - to verify that funding is available;
    • President's Office - to confirm that the new position meets institutional goals
  5. After routing, the Staffing Request with all appropriate signatures is returned to Human Resources for establishment of the recruitment file. HR will inform the organizational unit that recruitment may begin. In the case of temporary part time positions, the candidate to be hired may already have been identified, but s/he cannot be hired or start working until the position has been established through the completed Staffing Request procedure.

  6. A department or organizational unit that hires several temporary hourly employees for the same job title and budget throughout the fiscal year may route an “open” staffing request for that particular job title and budget, establishing that openings for that position will be filled with the number of employees that fit the needs of the department during that fiscal year. A new open staffing request will need to be established for each new fiscal year.