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Highline College Human Resources: Administrative Handbook

Separation Procedures ~ Supervisor Guidelines



  1. Employee notifies supervisor of departure.
  2. Obtain resignation letter from employee.
  3. Forward a copy of the resignation letter to Human Resources (HR).
  4. Discuss the separation procedures and guidelines and clearance form with your employee. 
  5. The Separation Clearance Form can be found online on the HR forms page under Staffing.
  6. The form may be filled out electronically or physically.
  7. Return completed form to the Human Resources department prior to employee's last day to ensure proper issuance of final check.


  1. Initiate this form at least one week prior to the employee's departure from the college.
  2. Separation Clearance form can be found on the HR Forms webpage under Staffing.
  3. The supervisor fills out the top part of the Separation Clearance form with their departing employee.
  4. Employee's SID may be obtained from Human Resources, if needed.
  5. Form may be filled out electronically (by email, for example) or physically (hand carry).
  6. Cleared by: Signatures are obtained by the employee from the department listed upon return of college property, notification of separation and/or clearance of employee account.
  7. If the supervisor chooses to collect the employee's college property it is the responsibility of the supervisor to distribute the property back to the appropriate department(s) and obtain appropriate departmental "cleared by" signatures.
  8. Ensure the employee fills out the "Forwarding Address" section of the form for W2 issuance.
  9. You and your employee sign the designated areas of the Separation Clearance Form.
  10. Supervisor returns completed form to the Human Resources department (MS 99-200)  prior to employee's last day to ensure proper issuance of final check.