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Highline College Human Resources:  Administrative Handbook

Suspended Operations Procedures

As related to snow or other weather-related emergencies and utility outages

The College's procedures for closure due to adverse weather conditions, utility (heat, electricity, water, etc.) outages or natural disasters are: 

  1. Notification of the College's closure will be by written communication when advance notice permits; personal or telephone communication by your immediate supervisor; and/or announcements on KOMO, KING, KIRO, KMPS, KIXI, KLSY, KSTW, and KJR.  A web announcement is posted at FlashAlert. Radio announcements of class closures will not necessarily indicate that all College operations are closed.  If all operations are suspended (the college is closed) notification to employees will be by one or more of the following methods:

A. Personal or telephone communication by your supervisor if the emergency occurs during normal working hours.

B. Telephone communication to each employee's last known telephone number if the emergency occurs outside working hours.  This will be by "Telephone Tree", a system of relayed messages in which the senior people call their immediate subordinates, who in turn call the people they supervise, and so on until each individual has been notified.  Be sure to have available at home the current telephone number of everyone who reports directly to you.

C. An employee may also call (206) 878-3710 for an announcement on the college‚Äôs telephone system regarding canceled classes or college closure.  This message will be posted as soon as possible after the decision is made, usually early in the morning if snow or closure occurs at night.  Announcements about changes in evening operation will be posted by mid-afternoon.

D.  Employees can sign up HC Alerts for emergency alerts sent via cell phone text message.

  1. Affected employees will have the following options for the duration of the closure:

A. Employees scheduled and not required to work during a late start, an early closure or total suspended operations will have no loss in pay for all late starts, early closures and the first day of total suspended operations.

B. The following options will be made available to the affected employees who are not required to work for the balance of the total suspended operations:

i. Vacation leave;
ii.  Personal holiday;
iii. Personal leave;
iv. Accrued compensatory time (where applicable)
v. Sick leave once all vacation leave, personal holiday, personal leave, or compensatory time is exhausted or none is available;
vi. Leave without pay; or
vii. Makeup lost time during the workweek.

  1. All other employees:

A. Vacation leave, personal holiday; or

B. previously earned compensatory time or leave without pay

  1. Temporary Employees - When prior notice has not been given, individuals released until further notice after reporting to work will be compensated for hours worked on the first day of the closure.
  2. Faculty members may be asked to provide additional time to assist students in making up the class time missed.  Additional information on handling the lost time will be provided by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. 
  3. Whenever weather or power/mechanical related circumstances require the College to close early, the College President will announce the decision through normal administrative channels.  Employees will be credited for completing their regularly assigned shifts and those employees not on the job will be on leave for the entire shift.  
  4. When the College is not closed, but a classified/exempt/administrative employee is unable to make it to work, they may use vacation leave, previously earned compensatory time, personal holiday, and/or leave without pay.


Policies and Procedures

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