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Highline College Human Resources:  Administrative Handbook

Separation Procedure


  1. The employee notifies his/her supervisor in writing of intent to separate.
  2. The supervisor forwards a copy of resignation to Human Resources (HR).
  3. Supervisor (for faculty members the VP of Instruction) initiates the return of college property with the separation clearance form. Please see Supervisor Procedures & Guidelines for additional information.
  4. HR will send a letter explaining separation process and exit interview information to employee.


All property belonging to Highline must be returned before the employee's last day of employment. Clearance by signature must be obtained by the following departments:

Administrative Technology (AT) checks for outstanding technological equipment such as laptops, PDA's etc.

Network Services obtains SCAN card and deactivates number; disables AUDIX account.

Webmaster notified to remove online directory listings.

Security checks for outstanding keys, parking permits, etc.

Office of the Financial Services checks for procurement, travel cards and any outstanding debt owed to the college.

Instructional Resources checks for outstanding library materials, media equipment, etc.

If a signature is missing from any department, the employee must physically clear his or her record with that department to prevent collection action.

Once the employee returns all college property and the form is completely filled out, it must be submitted to Human Resources (99-200) prior to the employee's final day of work.


HR will send the separating employee an exit survey and a request for an exit interview. The survey is designed to elicit information about the departing employees experience at Highline College. If the employee chooses to complete the survey, specific responses will not be shared with the immediate supervisor; however, they will be summarized and reported to administration in order to help improve the quality of work life at Highline.

Additionally, the employee is encouraged to meet with the Executive Director of Human Resources or the Human Resource Manager to personally discuss any positive or negative issues that may have arisen during the separating employee's tenure.


Policies and Procedures

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