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Highline College Human Resources:  Administrative Handbook

Restraining Orders Procedures

To help ensure the safety and well-being of faculty, staff, students, and the general public, the College is committed to maintaining a campus environment that serves to minimize the hazards associated with large congregations of people. As an institution of education, we provide below the procedures for staff and student to apply for a legal Order of Protection in the event of unwanted, illegal attention.


The person applying for a Protection Order must go to the county prosecutor where the harassment is taking place, which for our purposes is the Regional Justice Center located at 401 4th Ave North in Kent. The person would go to Suite 2B in the RJC. They have advocates available to help with the paper work and walk him/her through the process.

He/she should be prepared with dates (approximate dates work) and actions, words, or behavior, that warrant a no contact order. The person should also be prepared with the name, address, phone number and birth date of the offender, if possible. If there was a witness to the harassment and/or threat, a signed affidavit from the witness should be taken to the court as well. In this case, an affidavit is a signed, written statement where a person attests to the facts of the situation. Granting the Temporary Order is at the discretion of the commissioner or judge.

It is the responsibility of the person requesting the order to have the person served with the notice. The King County Sheriff Office will handle the service when they have time. Most orders are served by a friend over 18 or professional servers. Professional Servers cost $75.00 and up. If the jurisdictional police agency is unable to serve the no contact order (they can usually serve it within 24-48 hours and immediately if a residence is shared) then anyone over 18 can. Process servers may be found in the phone book.

The college may reimburse the employee for the cost of the professional server if the problem is college related and takes place on college property. You can apply for reimbursement by contacting the Executive Director of Human Resources.

After the respondent (the person who has allegedly been harassing or threatening you) has had an opportunity to respond in court, an Order for Protection is issued for however long the court deems appropriate.

The College also can issue a no-trespass letter, enforceable by the Des Moines Police department if the offender is not a student or employee. For a student, the Vice President for Student Services may send a letter and/or meet with the student and forbid a student from contacting or being in the vicinity of a complainant while on campus.

In any situation that is potentially dangerous to life, please call the Police (9-911) and intended victim first, then the Public Safety office, and the Counseling Center or EAS program for emotional support.

George Curtis, Public Safety Supervisor

Gloria Rose Koepping, Health and Safety Committee Chair,


Policies and Procedures

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