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Highline College Human Resources:  Administrative Handbook

Job-Related Injury or Illness Policy


Highline College and the State of Washington are committed to the safety and well-being of their employees. The Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) maintains industrial insurance through the Washington State Fund to protect both workers and employers from the financial impact of a work-related injury or occupational disease. It pays for an injured worker's approved medical, hospital and related services that are essential to his/her treatment and recovery. An injured worker who is temporarily unable to work may also receive partial wage replacement payments.


Job-Related Injury: An injury that is sustained while you are on work time, doing College business. You do not have to be on College property to sustain a job-related injury.

Occupational Illness: An illness you develop as a result of your job.


File an Accident Report with the College:
Visit the Public Safety website to retrieve the injury report form and contact the Public Safety staff for clear instructions on how to complete the accident form. This is the formal report you make to Highline College as your employer. In cases of emergency, this can be done later, however it is a necessary step. Your claim can be denied if this step is not taken.

File an L&I claim, (obtainable from the treating physician): File your claim with L&I by completing a Washington State Fund Report of Industrial Injury or Occupational Disease. This form is provided by the physician who treats you. Be sure to advise your doctor that the injury or illness is work related. Usually a doctor will help you fill out the form when you are first seen for your workplace injury or condition. It is your responsibility to make sure it is filed.

After you complete the "worker section" and the doctor completes the "doctor section" of this form, the doctor will forward the applicable copy to Labor and Industries and to Highline. Be sure you receive your copy of this form.


L&I will receive your claim form and begin processing. Your claim will be assigned to a claims manager whose name and phone number will appear on each notice you receive from L&I. Your claim number originates from the report you completed at your doctor's office and is present on each piece of correspondence you receive from L&I. If you should call your claims manager, be sure to have your claim number handy.

Benefits vary, depending on the injury. They can include paid health care, partial wage replacement (time loss) and other services to aid you in your recovery and return to work. Once a claim is accepted, the benefits and level of service you are entitled to are set by the state Legislature and administered by L&I.

Good communication between your doctor and your claims manager is essential to the smooth delivery of benefits. Your doctor must clearly explain the medical findings and restrictions that keep you from working. Your claims manager needs medical reports from your doctor with a current treatment plan.

If you are off work due to your injury, stay in regular contact with your supervisor. Let him/her know how you are doing and when you expect to return to work. If you are unable to do your job or portions of your job, discuss the possibility of other work you may be able to do during your recovery.


An employee who sustains a work-related illness or injury that is compensable under the state workers’ compensation law may select time-loss compensation exclusively or leave payments in addition to time-loss compensation. Employees who take sick leave, vacation leave or compensatory time during a period in which they receive time-loss compensation will receive full sick leave, vacation leave or compensatory time pay in addition to any time-loss payments.

For additional information visit the Labor and Industries website or download the Workers' Guide to Industrial Insurance Benefits.


Policies and Procedures

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