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Highline College Human Resources Payroll and Benefits

ORCA Cards-Commute Trip Reduction Program

Through the Commute Trip Reduction Program Highline College employees are eligible for a 50% reimbursement of their monthly ORCA card expenses.

The ORCA card is a plastic smart card containing a microprocessor. ORCA cards come equipped with an "e-purse" function that allows a rider to preload fare value onto the card, or customers can purchase a pass product - such as the monthly PugetPass - and load it onto their ORCA card.

Highline College is committed to providing our employees with transportation in accordance with State Commute Trip Reduction laws. 

Steps to claim reimbursement

  • Purchase your ORCA monthly PugetPass either online or through one of the retail outlets using your ORCA card
  • Complete a Commute Trip Reduction RFP and submit to Francesca Fender at MS 6-01 with your original receipt
  • Expect to receive your reimbursement within one to two weeks*
  •  Only one reimbursement may be submitted per month
  •  Maximum reimbursement per month will be $58.50 (equivalent of a 2 zone monthly pass)