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Highline College Human Resources: Earnings History Instructions

Online Services: Instructions

How to use the Earnings History Web page

The Earnings History web page can give you all the information you need on your payroll transactions. Pay information, deductions, and vacation/sick leave accrual are all available. You can view payroll information for the past two years as well as the last payday. If you need hard-copy records, simply print your information from this page.

How to get there:

>> From Campus:

  • Go to ThunderNet  (your browser should open to this automatically in your office unless you have changed it)
  • Use the drop down menu "Frequently Used Resources"
  • Select "Earnings history/Time card"
  • Select "Employee Earnings & Leave History"

>> From Off-Campus:

  • Go to the Highline home page
  • Scroll to the "Links for Staff & Faculty"
  • Click  "Earnings History"
  • Click "Proceed to login"

Sign In to your personal page:

  • You will need to enter your Employee ID number and your PIN number.
  • You may use either your new employee ID number (the one that begins with 88...) or your social security number.
  • Your PIN number is randomly assigned. Please contact Human Resources if you don't know your PIN.
  • Once you are in the Earnings History page, if you wish you may change your PIN to something you can remember more easily.

Online Services
Employee Earnings & Leave History Timecard Instructor Briefcase