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Highline College Human Resources Administrative Handbook

Random Acts of Recognition

Join our quest for the Brightest Stars.

We developed the Random Acts of Recognition peer-to-peer recognition program as a way of empowering employees to acknowledge above-and-beyond performances by their coworkers.  We're offering everyone the opportunity to focus in on the qualities of Community, Excellence, Diversity and Integrity.

Why these standards?

Community, Excellence, Diversity and Integrity encompass most desirable workplace qualities and are universally recognized standards to aspire to.  They inspire us to achieve our personal best.   As you focus on these qualities, see below for examples of how they might manifest:

  • Projecting a welcoming presence
  • Getting involved in Highline's community
  • Reaching out to the surrounding community
  • Taking time to thank others
  • Leading others by example - Show the way!
  • Learning and developing - Keep growing!
  • Celebrating each other's differences
  • Including others
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T
  • Making it right when things started out wrong
  • Getting it done - no matter what it takes
  • Making ethical decisions - even when it's hard
Here's your chance to sprinkle a little stardust on your incredible coworkers.

How to give Recognition to a Highline employee for soaring above and beyond

  • Tell us who you would like to recognize.
  • Which quality, Community, Excellence, Diversity or Integrity, does your coworker's action(s) meet?
  • Tell us what happened - what did your coworker do? Be specific. Tell us who you are and where you work.


Act Now!  

Random Acts Form


  • Campus-wide "Rave Review" email announcing when an employee has been "caught" doing something exceptional.  

  • Certificate of Appreciation.