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It is our intention to provide you with valuable information in the most convenient way possible. We are pleased to make additional resources available to you on this site and will continue to do so.

Employee notices

The following links provide employees with information as mandated by federal or state regulations or college practice. Please take a few minutes to review these notifications.

Affirmative Action - EEO
Drug Free Workplace.pdf   
Basic Health Insurance.pdf
Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Policy   
Computer Use Policy Whistleblower Message.pdf

Resources (also see Policies and Procedures)

Employee Assistance Program

Employee Evaluations
   Faculty - see HCEA agreement

Employee Training & Development

Ethics policy (HC)
WA State Executive Ethics Board

Job-Related Injury or Illness

Labor Relations


Personal safety

Pre-Tax Parking Fee Deduction 

Physical Education Facilities

Random Acts

Reasonable Accommodation

Restraining Orders

Summer Schedule

Suspended Operations Procedures 

Title IX - Non-Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Prevention